CHAMP is an acronym that stands for Home Assessment and Modification Professional. CHAMP is the only home modification industry specific training and certification program designed for the workers compensation industry. Attendees will gain a working knowledge of the guidelines, protocols and principles that dictate the provisions and projects for the injured worker. CHAMP graduates are considered among the best providers in the industry.

Training Content

Workers Compensation

Understanding the workers compensation market. The people and positions, roles and relationships, and guidelines that direct the provisions granted by the policy.


Understanding the core principles that make up the foundation of the market. Defining disability, understanding medical necessity, and identifying methods and systems to contain cost. 

Common Diagnosis

Understanding the most common injuries and associated medical and functional deficits. Learning about functional status and how it applies to scope development.

Scope Development

Understanding how to complete an assessment and develop an appropriate scope of work within the workers compensation guidelines.

Project Guidlines

Accepted methods for estimating, field practice guidelines, time lines, what if's and problem resolution during the project.

Products and Design

Learning about products and services that are available, lifts, medical equipment, and design items to improve outcomes.

CHAMP Certification Opportunities